Terror Zone Gaza

It is not the majority of Palestinians who have been perpetrating terror against Israel for decades, but a part of them, especially young men, allow themselves to be mobilized to hate Israel. The radical Islamist Hamas, in particular, repeatedly fires Qassam rockets at Israel and carries out terrorist attacks within Israel. Rocket attacks also took place from Lebanon and Syria. The Mullah regime in Iran finances and fuels terror and denies Israel's right to exist.

Many Palestinians have once again brutally turned themselves into tools of the Iranian mullahs' regime. The Iranian regime uses it to express its hatred of Israel, which is a progressive democratic nation with mostly happy citizens. It would be more logical for the Palestinians to view the Iranian regime as an enemy because they Robbing the young Palestinians of any future by further fueling the conflict. In the past there have always been opportunities to find a solution with Israel, but this is not in the interest of the Iranian regime. And further terror from the Palestinians will make peace and a better future for the Palestinians a distant prospect. Most countries in the world condemn the behavior of the radical Palestinians.

Nazi thinking is widespread in the Middle East; after all, at the end of the 1930s, hatred of Jews was taught by Nazi idiologists in the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and then reached listeners via radio stations in Arabic-speaking countries. People were and are indoctrinated with hatred of Jews for absolutely no reason to a large extent, if you will, still the breeding of Hitler. Funded by Iran, Hamas is recruiting young Palestinians to fight against Israel in order to wage a completely baseless war so that the ideology that emerged from the Hitler era can still be implemented. Hamas are Nazis.

When it became clear after the Second World War that the hatred of Jews came from a person named Hitler and for personal reasons because his painting was judged not good enough by a teacher who happened to be Jewish, he continued his hatred after he came to power into action as Reich Chancellor. This mass murder of over six million innocent Jews is the greatest crime in human history that happened in Germany; no person, regardless of their faith, should ever have to be afraid of being exposed to violence. That's why we're happy when Jews in Germany feel comfortable again in the face of this terrible history. Germany is aware of its guilt.

All the worse that this ideology continues to exist and now is lived in the Arab world, in the 21st century. By children in the Gaza Strip by a terrorist group Hamas be recruited as Nazis. Hamas's renewed attack on Israel proves this disgusting hatred of Jews should be eradicated. So that the people the way to finally get peace in Israel is to eliminate Hamas inevitable. Only then will the people in the Gaza Strip have a better future. The real enemies of the Palestinians are not the Israelis but Hamas and Iran.