Which countries are called rogue states? 

There are countries that operate outside the world community, e.g. dictatorships, corrupt regimes with mafia or family clan structures, or all of these forms. In addition, these are hostile countries, which mainly define themselves through their military but sometimes also distinguish themselves as aggressors, are anti-democratic anyway and turn their own people into stupid farm animals through their own media propaganda. Unfortunately, the faith propagated by the state is also well suited to keeping people captive in prehistory. These countries remain in their development while others develop into modern states. This widens the gap and makes dialogue more difficult or even impossible.

Due to their backwardness, all of these countries have the property of positioning themselves even more contrary to the world community. This can be seen in voting by the United Nations or in direct action in conflicts. In such situations, these regimes automatically become brothers. For these regimes, the fear of democracy and freedom is like holding the cross in the face of a vampire.

The ganging up of these regimes is therefore a logical consequence in order to continue their misanthropic trade in a larger team in order to form the greatest possible counterweight. A rethinking is not to be expected and would also lead to having to admit mistakes. On the other hand, entire structures live from this oppression, so that a change would not be possible at all.

It can be assumed that very many people have set up life under these regimes and are more or less satisfied, according to the motto if you don't know anything else, you don't miss anything. The problem is that these regimes are increasingly trying to influence the world with prehistoric ideas coupled with modern weapons. It is the challenge for the future to have to live with these regimes in some form.

We see that the technology transfer to these countries is becoming more and more of a dangerous boomerang for the advanced democracies. Dependence on raw materials and globalization are also causing more and more problems that are difficult to solve.